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Applications for the 2014 -15 school year close March 16.

All paperwork must be returned by March 18. Credit retrieval: last day to enroll and get started is April 20th.

Washington's First Online School

Online public schooling means tuition-free for WA residents.

Work anywhere

Our classes are flexible; own your schedule.


First to be online

Internet Academy (iA) pioneered online learning first in WA state in 1996.  iA’s cutting edge reputation has made it the go-to resource for students at home, private, and public schools.

Diverse Offerings

K-12 courses are available; elementary school, middle school, high school are all offered.  iA uniquely offers credit retrieval (CR) courses for those students who need to retake a condensed version of a failed course (conditions apply).  Summer school courses are also available.

100% Accredited

All courses are fully accredited and supported by Washington’s Federal Way School District (FWSD).  Students may even choose to graduate with a fully accredited diploma and are accepted to universities just like brick-and-mortar students.

Free Tuition

Because iA is backed by the Federal Way School District, WA student’s tuition is waived, just like any other public school.  Students may take up to 5 full courses for qualifying students.  If your student resides outside of WA, is taking a Credit Retrieval course or attending summer school, tuition is $205-345 per course. Be sure to apply quickly; courses do fill up fast!


Through online comprehensive courses, Internet Academy challenges K-12 learners to grow in intellect and responsibility, for life long success.

100% Accredited