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Thinking Critically
Lesson 8
Analyzing Author's Purpose
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Practice 2:


This is not Mrs. Packletide's or Pooh's adventure! This is a tiger hunt!

Click on the book link to the right to read the selection from "The Tiger's Heart," by another famous storyteller, Jim Kjelgaard.

No intro needed. Just be glad you're sitting where you are ... and dive in!

"The Tiger's Heart"

Remember to:

  • read the question so you read with a purpose
  • focus on what the author might be feeling about the tiger, and also what he feels about Pepe
  • don't forget to breath while you read!

But first, just a quick question to focus the purpose for you as you read.


The author probably wrote this passage to:


How do you think the writer of this passage from "The Tiger's Heart" feels about Pepe?

A. He thinks Pepe is crazy and left his brains at home.
B. He thinks Pepe is courageous and calm under pressure.
C. He is shocked at Pepe's cruelty to the tiger.
D. He is enraged that Pepe killed the tiger.

Is your answer A, B, C or D? Check for the correct answer.

The overall tone of the author is a mix of excitement and terror. Those are the emotions he wants his readers to feel while reading. He presents both combantants as fierce opponents, one with pure strength and instinct, the other using knowledge and thought in his attack. The winner this time was the thinker, Pepe. That doesn't mean the author is jumping up and down for joy at the outcome. His tone shows respect also for the tiger. Even the title tells us the Tiger has heart! Notice in the last paragraph the tiger regains some dignity even in his death. "He pulled himself erect, looked with glazing eyes at Pepe and dragged himself toward him." There was a recognition (respect?) between man and animal, even in throes of death.


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