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Directed Reading/Thinking Activities


What is a Directed Reading/Thinking Activity?

A Directed Reading/Thinking Activity is useful if you have some background knowledge about a topic. It does not work for topics that are brand new to you.

How will a Directed Reading/Thinking Activity help me read better?

The DR/TA encourages active reading by:

  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Helping you to focus on the topic
  • Predicting
  • Checking accuracy of predictions

How could I use a Directed Reading/Thinking Activity in a class?

Using the chart below, fill in the first three sections before you read. Then complete the last section after you have finished reading. A sample referring to the web site about MARSUPIALS is done for you.

Topic: (This is an example) Marsupials

What I know: They are furry. They have babies in pouches. They come from Africa. They live in trees. They are brown

What I think I know: koalas and kangaroos are marsupials. They are very mean and bite people. They hop. They have about 20 babies.
What I think Iíll learn: their names, what they like to eat, how come we donít have any here


What I know I learned: MARSUPIALS

From the reading I learned they came from north America and moved to South America and Australia. Their babies are blind and live in their momís pouch for a long time. Koalas and wombats are two marsupials.

There are lots of different kangaroos and wallabies. Koalas eat only eucalyptus leaves.

Here is a blank form you can now use.


What I know:



What I think I know:



What I think Iíll learn:



What I know I learned: