Since 1996 (which is an eternity in tech years!) we’ve connected K-12 students with WA State certified teachers.

Washington's Best Online Schools (Internet Academy)

Our Mission – Through online comprehensive courses, Internet Academy challenges K-12 learners to grow in intellect and responsibility, for life long success.

Washington’s first online public school – Whether you’re down the street in a Federal Way school or across the state, you can excel in our individualized, one-on-one environment in Washington’s first online public school. All it takes is a web connection, a computer, self-management skills, and a drive to learn.

iA Student – While many of our students reside in Federal Way, we have had students enroll from other cities, states, and even countries. Many of our students travel to competitions while still attending a rigorous, standards-based school. Other students augment their home school curriculum with our courses. Regardless of why they come, our students enjoy a flexible and challenging learning experience through iA.

Ideal for students participating in band, drama, or other time-intensive school activities, iA can free space in the school schedule. Additionally by enrolling in summer session, you can make up credits or get a jump on the coming year.

Courses – Our fully-accredited courses are listed in our Course Catalog, which offers courses from primary through secondary grades. With new courses coming online each term, we continue to expand our offerings to meet student needs with many courses available.

Enrolling – It’s a simple process. We have open enrollment for the regular school year starting in early May and closing in March. Enrollment for our 6-week summer program takes place during the month of June.

Explore What We Provide – High School diplomas, retrieve credit for partially-completed classes, communicate LIVE with teachers, learn from highly qualified instructors, access student login times, grades, and other data through your own Parent Insight account, get help through our video tutorial library, and more.

Staff Members

CCorbley Teacher_Williams Teacher_Feuling
Dr. Christine Corbley, Principal April Williams, Dean & Teacher Mike Feuling, Dean & Teacher










Back row:  Mike Feuling, April Williams, Jessica Olsen, Stephanie McDonnell, Pam Yzaguirre, Ross Brown

Middle Row:  Dongsung Ball, Lana Maxey, Emily Linke, Laura Anderson Trimble, Colleen Anderson, Roberta Noorda

Front Row: Jennifer Harding, Geri Lee, Valerie Munoz, Shauna Benham, Kim Fergus, Christine Corbley