Communicate LIVE with Your Teacher

  • LIVE Online Office Sessions with the student’s actual teachers.
  • Simply use a webcam or microphone and speak face to face.
  • An interactive whiteboard that is usable by both the teacher and student.
  • Less than 24 hour email response time.
  • No third party software needed–just a microphone and/or a webcam.

Highly Qualified Instructors

  • Our teachers are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do.
  • Our teachers are personable and professional. They often respond within 24 hours
    to student emails.
  • Every teacher at Internet Academy lives locally, right in Washington state.
  • Every teacher is Washington State Certified.

Insight & Student Data for Parents

  • Every parent gets an Insight Account.
  • Login and view the actual curriculum the student is viewing.
  • Monitor your student’s time spent logged in.
  • View student’s breakdown of grades and assignments.
  • Communicate directly with the course instructor.

Tech Support

  • Less than 24 hour turnaround response time during regular business hours.
  • Easily and quickly contact us.
  • For assistance with course material (e.g. a question about an assignment)
    contact the teacher within the course using Course Mail. You will need to log in.

Current Curriculum

  • All course content is online–the amount of books and supplies are kept to a
    minimum to simplify your student’s work load.
  • Every year we are growing tremendously, offering new courses like Forensics Science,
    Gothic Literature, and Vet Science.
  • Parents may view the exact same curriculum as their students simply by using their Parent Insight Account.

Flexible Learning

  • All work can be done at the student’s pace.
  • For example, when a student has a course that requires 5 hours-per-week of class time,
    that student may do all course work for that week either throughout the entire week or
    simply get it all done in one day.
  • Students work at home, at coffee shops, or in wi-fi enabled parks – wherever internet is accessible.