If a student has qualified for and/or received Special Education (IEP) or Section 504 services during the past 12 months, the student application is referred to the Director of Student Support Services who will contact the student’s case manager.

The application process involves the student’s case manager and IEP team and will take additional time. This process is followed for all students with special needs to ensure appropriate placement. The student’s resident school retains management of the special education services. Internet Academy works with the resident school to offer appropriate general education courses. An IEP team meets to review the courses requested, disability area, PLP, special education and related services, appropriateness of the placement, and accommodations required by the student. If the IEP team determines the placement at Internet Academy is appropriate for general education courses, and does not alter the nature of the Internet Academy program, the student is admitted to Internet Academy for general ed. courses. The case manager retains responsibility for special education.

Communication between the case manager and Internet Academy teachers remains open while the student attends Internet Academy. Students are expected to meet Internet Academy attendance policy and grade level course expectations.

Federal Way Public Schools policies and procedures provide all students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the Internet Academy. They provide that a student with a disability will not be excluded from the program, except where careful consideration has been given to the services, modifications, or adjustments necessary for such a student to participate, and where it has been determined that such services or modification would fundamentally alter the nature of the program.