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Language Arts: LA336O English Language Arts 9-1  Language Arts: LA336OR English Language Arts 9-1 CR    
  LA337O English Language Arts 9-2    LA337OR English Language Arts 9-2 CR    
  LA436O English Language Arts 10-1    LA436OR English Language Arts 10-1 CR    
  LA437O  English Language Arts 10-2   LA437OR English Language Arts 10-2 CR    
  LA536O English Language Arts 11-1    LA536OR English Language Arts 11-1 CR    
  LA537O English Language Arts 11-2    LA537OR English Language Arts 11-2 CR    
  LA636O English Language Arts 12-1    LA636OR English Language Arts 12-1 CR    
  LA827O Mythology       
  LA959O Gothic Literature       
Math: MA732O Algebra 1-1   Math: MA732OR Algebra 1-1 CR    
  MA733O Algebra 1-2     MA733OR Algebra 1-2 CR    
  MA832O Geometry 1-1     MA832OR Geometry 1-1 CR    
  MA833O Geometry 1-2     MA833OR Geometry 1-2 CR    
  MA872O Algebra 2-1     MA872OR Algebra 2-1 CR    
  MA873O Algebra 2-2     MA873OR Algebra 2-2 CR    
  MA908O PreCalc 1-1      
  MA909O PreCalc 1-2      
  MA915O Calculus 1-1      
  MA 916O Calculus 12      
Social Studies: SS331O World History 1-1   Social Studies: SS331OR World History 1-1 CR    
  SS332O World History 1-2     SS460OR US History 1-1 CR    
  SS460O US History 1-1     SS461OR US History 1-2 CR    
  SS461O US History 1-2     SS332OR World History 1-2 CR    
  SS481O Current World Problems 1-1     SS481OR Current World Problems 1-1 CR    
  SS483O Civics SUM     SS483OR Civics CR    
  SS282O – Pacific NW History   SS282NCO – Pacific NW History (NO credit)  
Science: SC222O-NGSS Biology 1-1 Science: SC222OR – NGSS Biology 1-1 CR  
  SC223O-NGSS Biology 1-2   SC223OR-NGSS Biology 1-2 CR  
  SC245O NGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1     SC245OR NGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1 CR    
  SC246O NGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2   SC246OR NGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2 CR    
  SC745O Marine Science   HL809OR Health Choices CR    
  HL809O Health Choices      
Health & PE: HL809O Health Choices Health & PE: HL809OR Health Choices CR    
  PE344O Walking Fitness        
  PE370O Fitness Fundamentals 1        
  PE372O Strength Training