Are you a WA State resident and wish to enroll in iA?

Great – we’re happy to have you! 

Click below to watch our how-to video or skip down for text instructions:

How to sign up?                                                                                               [ click below to enlarge current course list or visit our Course Catalog ]                        

  • Review our Technology Requirements and Disclosure Statements
  • Review our 504 / IEP Admittance Process
  • Create a guardian account and complete an application & enrollment forms for each student you wish to enroll at:  
    Don’t know how? Don’t worry – watch our  video for instructions
  • Check your email. You’ll receive an automatic account creation notice (check your spam folder) that contains your user name and  password. Keep this for future reference.
  • Log in to your Genius account and make course requests. All requests are reviewed by our guidance support specialist to ensure appropriate placement. See our how-to video > >
  • For new high school students: send a copy of the transcript to
  • Registration forms will be collected via Orientation. STUDENTS ARE ENROLLED IN IA AFTER ORIENTATION IS COMPLETE and academic courses will then be added to their account.