WA State Certified Educators for Every Scholar

We are Washington State’s first online public school, specializing in building lasting relationships with our students and delivering meaningful and rigorous courses in a 100% online learning environment.

We are a complete K-12 school and part of the Federal Way School District. Enrollment is open to EVERY Washington State family and is tuition-free for most students.

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Our Scholar Experience

Flexible, student-centered learning with connection. 

Internet Academy blends asynchronous (on your own schedule) and synchronous (at the same time) learning.  Most learning happens asynchronously.

Synchronous Learning: Live Zoom Sessions

K-5 scholars meet with their teacher and classmates daily between 9 am-10:30 am.
6-12 scholars have one live Zoom lesson per class, per week. There is also one optional live Zoom support session per class per week. Scholars and their learning coach will plan the asynchronous learning time around the Zoom schedule.

Asynchronous Learning: Assignments, Quizzes & Assessments

Asynchronous lessons are completed daily according to the Written Student Learning Plan for each course. Scholars set their own schedule for asynchronous learning with the help of a learning coach in the home. The learning coach is identified by the family during registration and can be relative or other caring adult.

Learning time requirements:  5.5 – 6 hours each day for a total of 27.75 hours per week.

Activities: Scholars have opportunities to join virtual clubs and activities! Scholars can also participate in sports and activities offered at their home school district. Scholars meet all Washington State graduation requirements  and can participate in our in-person commencement ceremony.

I chose online school ... I now work every day and am on track with all of my work. One of the things that helps me throughout the week is the compliments and encouragement of the teachers at Internet Academy.
iA High School Scholar

Our Courses

We offer over 175 unique and exciting core, elective, and CTE courses for grades K-12. iA follows the academic calendar of the Federal Way School District.

Many of our high school classes are NCAA approved (details in the course catalog syllabus) and we are the proud academic partner of the Seattle Sounders Academy!

We utilize the Canvas Learning Management System – the same LMS used by top colleges and universities. iA scholars learn time-management, communication, self-motivation and technology skills that will prepare them for a successful life after high school.

iA is fully accredited by: