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Why We Use the ALE App

All online schools in Washington State are designated as Alternative Learning Environments by OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction-Washington State Department of Education). To meet the compliance requirements of being an Alternative Learning Environment, we use the ALE App!

Login to the ALE App with the email registered in your ParentVUE account.  Contact us if you need help.


Learn about Viewing the Written Student Learning Plan  🔗

Learn about Acknowledging the Monthly Progress Review (MPR) 🔗

Documentos de apoyo

  • Instrucciones de inicio de sesión   🔗
  • Ver el plan de aprendizaje del estudiante  🔗
  • Ver y reconocer el progreso mensual  🔗

Документи на підтвердження

  • Инструкции по входу 🔗
  • Инструкции по просмотру плана обучения учащегося 🔗
  • Инструкции по просмотру и проверке ежемесячного прогресса 🔗

Документы в поддержку

  • Як увійти 🔗
  • Як переглянути навчальний план студента 🔗
  • Інструкції щодо перегляду та  перевірки прогресу за місяць 🔗

What is Monthly Progress Review (MPR)

Each month, teachers decide whether a scholar is making Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory progress in each course.

This determination is based on completion of the assigned work for each monthly MPR period. The schedule of work for each MPR period is called the Learning Plan Contract (LPC) and can be found in the Welcome module in each course in Canvas.

Internet Academy MPR Requirements: In order to be Satisfactory for MPR that month, scholars must meet the following criteria:

Elementary Scholars: To be Satisfactory, a scholar must score at least 70% (EX or ME) or above with 75% assignment submission in 4 core classes (ELA, Science, Social Studies or Math).

Secondary Scholars: To be Satisfactory, a scholar must be passing half or more of their courses with 70% or better grade. Grades 6-8 is a grade of EX or ME. Grades 9-12 is a grade of A, B, or C.

Unsatisfactory Progress in more than 50% of courses = Unsatisfactory Progress for the month.

If a scholar has Unsatisfactory Progress for the month the advisor or homeroom teacher will create an intervention plan communicated in the ALE App.

Three consecutive months of Unsatisfactory Progress will result in a course reduction – which may affect graduation for high school scholars.

Four consecutive months of Unsatisfactory progress will result in complete withdrawal from iA. Scholars withdrawn from iA for Unsatisfactory progress may not re-enroll until the following school year.