Registration – Scholars New to FWPS

Registration Instructions

For families new to
Federal Way Public Schools

No enrollment history in Federal Way Public Schools? Then you’re in the right place! These instructions will walk you through the steps to complete online registration of a new student.

We’ve detected your’re using a tablet or mobile device. Registration should be completed on a computer. Some features are not supported

What to have on-hand

  • Address verification documentation
  • Immunization records
  • Emergency and medical contact information
  • Transcript for scholars with existing high school credit / all students entering grades 10-12
  • Age verification documentation
  • Any special Education support documentation (504 or IEP)

Recommendation: View all step-by-step video instructions before starting

Step One

Create a Parent Account

  1. Watch the step-by-step video instructions
  2. Visit and select “Student Registration”
  3. On the log-in page, click “more options”
  4. Click “create a new account”  
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions
  6. Once the account set up is complete, online registration will begin the application automatically. Review Step 2 instructions before beginning.

Step-by-step Video Instructions

Click play to begin. Click the expand icon to view full screen.

Step Two

Know the Code & Complete Registration for your Household

Online Registration is per household. Once submitted, no additional scholars can be added until after it is reviewed by the registrar.

    • Continue from Step One or visit & select Student Registration
    • Select Add New Student
    • Follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Indicate Yes, you’re enrolling for Internet Academy when asked & enter the code: IAenroll
    • Watch the video for a step-by-step demonstration (Pro-tip: play the video while completing registration. Pause & restart as needed)
    • Registrations are accepted beginning in the order received

Step-by-step Video Instructions

Yes – you are authorized!

During online verification, look for the Other School Site or Program screen. YES must be entered to the question, did you receive an authorization code for this student. The authorization code is IAenroll (no numbers).

Authorization Code:

Step Three

Application submitted. What’s next?

Registrations for the following grades will be placed on a wait-list for second semester:  3, 6, 7, 8.

You’ll receive an email confirmation that the registration was received. You can check the status online anytime. Online Registration status will display “waiting” until it is accepted or denied. When an application is accepted, the registrar will notify the primary parent email address in the account. The Online Registration status display will disappear from your account. You can now add an additional students, if desired. Do not complete another registration for the accepted student.

Registrations are reviewed individually for multiple criteria in the order received. We’re working hard but during high volume times, this may take some time and your patience is very appreciated!

A registration can not be accepted for the following reasons:

The registration is for a student that already exists in our data system. Duplicate student entries are returned. Returning students should Verify Online
It is missing the Choice Transfer/Out of District Release (if required)
It is missing transcripts, if the scholar is a high school student new to FWPS
It is missing the IEP or Section 504 documents (if applicable). Learning plans are evaluated by the district to ensure appropriate placement.
Other issues not listed (less common)

If there is an issue with the registration, the registrar will send an email to the primary parent email address notifying them of the issue and how it may be resolved.

Our registration was accepted. How does my student access their classes?

A message with the student username, password and login instructions will be sent to each parent email address provided during enrollment after the registration is processed. Parents and guardians will need to share this information with their student.

Read the Getting Started Guide for New Enrollments

We’re so glad you’ve chosen iA and are excited to learn with you this year!