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School Year

For families new to
Federal Way Public Schools

Documents to have

  • Address verification documentation
  • Immunization records
  • Emergency & medical contacts
  • Transcript for scholars with existing high school credit / all scholars entering grades 9-12
  • Age verification documentation
  • Any Special Education support documentation (504 or IEP)

New? Create a ParentVUE account

  1. Visit
  2. If you’re new to Federal Way Public Schools, on the log-in page, under “more options, choose “create a new account”  
  3. You will be asked the three questions to ensure parent records aren’t duplicated, then provided the privacy statement 
  4. Once you’ve accepted the privacy statement, you will be asked to provide your first and last name and your email address 
  5. You have now created your account, and you will receive an email prompting you to complete the account activation process 
  6. Click on the link within the email and follow the prompts to set your user name and password 
If you already have a ParentVUE account & need login support, contact us for username and password.

Video Instructions

Register & know the code

Yes – you are authorized!

During online verification, look for the Other School Site or Program screen. Answer YES to the question, did you receive an authorization code for this student? The authorization code is: IAenroll 

    • Once you’ve set up your user name and password, select “begin process” to get started 
    • Begin with “Family — complete the required fields in each module on the lefthand side — all required fields will be indicated with a red asterisk 
    • Additional parents and guardians can be added by clicking “add new” 
    • Select “Add Student” to enter student information — all scholars need to be added prior to submitting the form  
    • When prompted, answer Yes, you’re enrolling for Other School Site or Program. Select Internet Academy & enter the code: IAenroll
    • Parents/guardians must view and electronically accept the Rights and Responsibilities handbook with their scholar that they are enrolling 
    • Review your information and if needed choose the option to make edits or submit —once submitted you will not be able to make any changes until the school completes their step 
  1. Note: If Other School Site is not selected or the code is incorrect, the system will assign you to a school based on your address. Go back to the Other School screen to edit your responses. For extra help, visit School Selection Steps

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Step-by-step Video Instructions

Authorization Code:

What's next?

You’ll receive an email confirmation that the verification was received. Check the status online anytime; the Online Registration status will display “waiting” until it is processed. When accepted, the registrar will notify the primary parent email address in the account and the Online Registration status display will disappear from your account. 

Registrations are reviewed individually for multiple criteria in the order received. During high volume times, this may take some time and your patience is very appreciated.

If there is an issue, the registrar will send an email to the primary parent email address notifying them of the issue and how it may be resolved.

Our registration was accepted. How does my student access their classes?

A message with the student username, password and login instructions will be sent to each parent email address provided during enrollment before the first day of school. Parents and guardians will need to share this information with their student.

We’re so glad you’ve chosen iA – we’re excited to learn with you!