Registration – Scholars New to FWPS

Application Instructions for Scholars New to iA and Federal Way Public Schools

Step 1: Before you Begin

  • Complete online registration using a computer (not a mobile device) for best results
  • Have a unique email address for each parent(s) and student
  • Have reliable access to a computer and internet connection for online learning that meets iA system requirements
  • Review the IEP and Section 504 admittance process, if applicable
  • Request a Choice Transfer (also known as an “Out of District Release”) from your resident school district, if living outside the Federal Way School District service area
Other documents to have ready
  • Address verification documentation
  • Immunization records
  • Emergency and medical contact information
  • Transcript for scholars entering grades 9-12
  • Age verification documentation
  • Special Education support documentation (504 or IEP)

Step 2: Create an Account

  • Visit the FWPS Family Kiosk and select “Student Registration”
  • On the log-in page, click “more options”
  • Click “create a new account”  
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Once the account set up is complete, online registration will begin the application automatically

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Returning to FWPS & already have a ParentVUE account?  Log in to your account. The system is unable to accept additional accounts for existing parents or scholars. Duplicate accounts are deleted. Contact us or email for help recovering a username or password.

Step 3: Submit the online registration for your household

Online Registration is per household. Once submitted, additional scholars cannot be added until after review in August.

YES – you are authorized!   During online registration, answer YES to the question, “are you  aurthorized to attend a non-neighborhood school?” Select iA from the menu and enter the authorization code IAenroll2019



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Ready to start?