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Credit Retrieval

Credit retrieval courses are offered during the regular school year & summer session

Credit Retrieval courses are for students who have already taken a particular course and not earned credit. A diagnostic assessment, given at the beginning of the course, will help indicate what standards the student has previously met, and what skills still need to be practiced and demonstrated. Based on the results of the diagnostic assessment, a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for meeting standards will be developed by the teacher and then communicated to the student. Upon successful completion of the course, the student earns a passing grade (C) and .5 credit in the given course.

Overview:  Credit Retrieval courses have been designed to be completed within a 6-9 week session period. Students should plan on spending 90-120 minutes per school day (or approximately 45 total hours) to complete the course within six (6) weeks.

However, we realize that due to student skills, time-consuming regular school work, and other activities, some students may not be able to finish the course within the 6-week designed session. During the regular school year we encourage all students to formulate a plan to complete the course within six (6) weeks. However, we do allow students up to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks to complete the course. All summer credit retrieval sessions are limited to 6 weeks.

Availability:  Enrollment for Credit Retrieval courses begins one week after regular school starts. For specific dates, please refer to our frequently updated Calendars. Students must have all required forms turned into the IA offices including verification of previously taking the course they want to retrieve. Full payment must also be made prior to the student starting the course.

Cost: Credit retrieval (CR) courses that are a part of a state-funded schedule are at no cost. CR classes taken in addition to a full schedule are offered a reduced tuition fee of $205.00 per course. All tuition is non-refundable.