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Elementary Course Catalog

Courses are year-long with the exception of PE & Expo elective

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Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm Length
LA101OEnglish Language Arts KTC/GVCYR
LA111OEnglish Language Arts 1TC/GVCYR
LA121OEnglish Language Arts 2TC/GVCYR
LA131OEnglish Language Arts 3TC/EL & IRLAYR
LA141OEnglish Language Arts 4TC/EL & IRLAYR
LA151OEnglish Language Arts 5TC/EL & IRLAYR
Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm Length
MA101OMath KReadyYR
MA111OMath 1ReadyYR
MA121OMath 2ReadyYR
MA131OMath 3ReadyYR
MA141OMath 4ReadyYR
MA151OMath 5ReadyYR
Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm Length
SC101OScience KMystery ScienceYR
SC111OScience 1Mystery ScienceYR
SC121OScience 2Mystery ScienceYR
SC131OScience 3Mystery ScienceYR
SC141OScience 4Mystery ScienceYR
SC151OScience 5Mystery ScienceYR
Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm Length
SS101OSocial Studies KTC/OSPIYR
SS111OSocial Studies 1TC/OSPIYR
SS121OSocial Studies 2TC/OSPIYR
SS131OSocial Studies 3TC/OSPIYR
SS141OSocial Studies 4TC/OSPIYR
SS151OSocial Studies 5TC/OSPIYR
Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm
PE001OPE 1Carone/GVCS1
PE002OPE 2Carone/GVCS1
PE003OPE 3Carone/GVCS1
PE004OPE 4Carone/GVCS1
PE005OPE 5Carone/GVCS1
Course CodeCourse TitleCurriculumTerm
EX105OEXPO KGTC/MusicPlayOnlineS2
EX106OEXPO 1TC/MusicPlayOnlineS2
EX107OEXPO 2TC/MusicPlayOnlineS2
EX108OEXPO 3TC/MusicPlayOnlineS2
EX109OEXPO 4TC/MusicPlayOnlineS2
EX110OEXPO 5TC/MusicPlayOnlineS2

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