FAQ for Parents and Guardian Accounts


How do I … Link my Guardian Account to my Student’s Account?

  • Send a request to link your guardian account and the student to: help-desk@iacademy.org.  Be sure to include your name and the name of your student.  
  • Once your accounts are linked, please verify that the student contact information is correct – especially the email address.  This is the email address that will receive the logon, password and notifications. By default, a FWPS student’s email account is set to their district gmail account: [student ID #]@p12fwps.org.  The password is the same one they use to log in to a computer at school.  


Click the play button to launch an instructional video


How do I …  change my student’s Email Address?

  • Log in to your guardian account
  • Select “Student Information” from the menu on the left
  • Click on the Student Email Field and update the address
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen
  • Guardians may change a student email but student accounts do not have this feature.


How do I …  observe my student’s progress?

Official communication and progress reports will be made through the GenuisSIS portal via the guardian account. Log in with you username and password (if you don’t have one, complete the form below to request a guardian account. Be sure and include your student’s name).  After logging in, your student’s dashboard will be loaded. Note:  The course links in the Academic Snapshot are disabled. Course links are enabled in a student account only.  To observe your student directly in their iA Campus classes, create a Canvas Parent account (instructions below).

Getting familiar with the GeniusSIS dashboard (click to enlarge):Viewing the student grade book (click to enlarge):


View an instructional video on your Canvas parent account here:  https://community.canvaslms.com/videos/1302

A great tool for guardians to view student announcements, classes and assignments is by creating an account with Canvas, our learning management system. Canvas parent accounts allow you to log in and be an observer of all things happening in  iA Campus!

To create your Canvas parent account, visit  FWIA Canvas Login  and click “Parent of a  Canvas User? Click Here for an Account.”

You will need to know your student’s Canvas login and password.

WARNING: You must use a unique email address. Using the same email address as your student will disable their account.


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