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Middle School Course Catalog

Courses are year-long.

After online registration, make a course request. Grades 6 and 7 selects an elective. Grade 8 selects a Math level and elective.

CodeCourse NameCurriculum
LA161OEnglish Language Arts 6Expeditionary Learning
LA241OEnglish Language Arts 7iA
LA251OEnglish Language Arts 8iA
Special Needs Courses (Placement by IEP)
LA176OEnglish Lang. Arts Level A 
LA177OEnglish Lang. Arts Level B 
LA178OEnglish Lang. Arts Level C 
CodeCourse NameCurriculum
MA161OMath 6Ready Math
MA283OMath 7Ready Math
MA289OMath 8Ready Math
MA732OAlgebra 1-1Carnegie/Mathia
MA733OAlgebra 1-2Carnegie/Mathia
Special Needs Courses (placement by IEP) 
MA176OMathematics Level A  
MA177OMathematics Level B 
MA178OMathematics Level C 
Course CodeCourse TitleTerm
PE010OPhys Ed 6S1
PE011OPhys Ed 7S1
PE012OPhys Ed 8S1
HL007OHealth 6S2
HL008OHealth 7S2
HL009OHealth 8S2
Special Needs Courses  (placement by IEP) 
PE160OAdaptive PE 
PE181OLeisure & Recreation Gr. 8 
PE171OLeisure & Recreation Gr. 7 
PE161OLeisure & Recreation Gr. 6 
Expo is a year-long elective course. Content changes mid-year.
CodeCourse NameTerm 
EX361OEXPO 6 S1 
EX361OEXPO 6  
 Leadership 1   (6-8)Yr 
Elective Option for 8th Grade: World Language
CodeCourse NameTerm 
FF301OFrench 1Year 
FS301OSpanish 1Year 

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