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Middle School Course Catalog

Courses are year-long with the exception of PE & Health

The 2020-21 Course Syllabi is currently being updated. Click on a subject area to view upcoming course offerings.
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CodeCourse NameCurriculumNCAA Approved
MA161OMath 6ApexNo
MA283OMath 7ApexNo
MA289OMath 8APEXNo
MA860OAlgebra 1-1 NCAPEXYes
MA861OAlgebra 1-2 NCAPEXYes
MA862OGeometry 1-1 NCAPEXYes
MA863OGeometry 1-2 NCAPEXYes
CodeCourse NameCurriculumNCAA Approved
SC103OScience 7 (Earth and Space)APEXNo
SC105OScience 8 (Physical Science)APEXNo
SC161OScience 6 (Life Science)APEXNo
CodeCourse NameCurriculumNCAA Approved
SS161OSocial Studies 6iANo
SS259OWorld History 7 (meets Pacific NW history requirement)iANo
SS270OUS History 8iANo
Course CodeCourse TitleTermNCAA Approved
PE010OPhys Ed 6S1No
PE011OPhys Ed 7S1No
PE012OPhys Ed 8S1No
HL007OHealth 6S2No
HL008OHealth 7S2No
HL009OHealth 8S2No
Standard Elective: Expo is a year-long elective course. Content changes mid-year.
CodeCourse NameTermContentNCAA Approved
EX361OEXPO 6S2MusicNo
EX361OEXPO 6S1PhotographyNo
EX371OEXPO 7S2Culinary ArtsNo
EX371OEXPO 7S12D Digital ArtNo
EX381OEXPO 8S1CareersNo
EX381OEXPO 8S2Personal FinanceNo
Music Elective   
Course CodeCourse TitleTermPre-RequisiteNCAA Approved
MU025OBand 1 – Music PerformanceYearMust provide own instrumentNo
MU026OBand 2 – Music PerformanceYearMust provide own instrumentNo
MU027OBand 3 – Music PerformanceYearMust provide own instrumentNo
8th Grade Elective Option: World Language
CodeCourse NameTermCurriculumNCAA Approved
FF301OFrench 1YearRosetta StoneYes
FG301OGerman 1YearRosetta StoneYes
FJ301OJapanese 1YearRosetta StoneYes
FK301OKorean 1YearRosetta StoneYes
FS301OSpanish 1YearRosetta StoneYes

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English Language Arts

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum Souce
LA161OEnglish Language Arts 6Odyssey
LA241OEnglish Language Arts 7Odyssey
LA251OEnglish Language Arts 8Odyssey


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum Source
MA161OMath 6Odyssey
MA283OMath 7Odyssey
MA289OMath 8APEX
MA860OAlgebra 1-1 NCAPEX
MA861OAlgebra 1-2 NCAPEX
MA862OGeometry 1-1 NCAPEX
MA863OGeometry 1-2 NCAPEX
MA874OAlgebra 2-1 NCAPEX
MA875OAlgebra 2-2 NCAPEX


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum Source
SC103OScience 7 (Earth and Space)APEX
SC105OScience 8 (Physical Science)APEX
SC161OScience 6 (Life Science)APEX

Social Studies

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotes
SS161OSocial Studies 6iA 
SS259OWorld History 7iAmeets PNW req’t
SS270OUS History 8iA 


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotes
PE010OPhys Ed 6Carone1st semester only
PE011OPhys Ed 7Carone1st semester only
PE012OPhys Ed 8Carone1st semester only


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotes
HL006OHealth 6Carone2nd semester
HL007OHealth 7Carone2nd semester
HL008OHealth 8Carone2nd semester

Expo Electives

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotes
EX361OEXPO 6 eDynamicsPhotography
EX361OEXPO 6 eDynamicsMusic
EX371OEXPO 7 iACulinary Arts
EX371OEXPO 7 eDynamics2D Digital Art
EX381OEXPO 8 eDynamicsCareers
EX381OEXPO 8 eDynamicsPersonal Finance

Foreign Language Electives

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum Source
FC303OChinese 1-1 NCRosetta
FC304OChinese 1-2 NCRosetta
FF303OFrench 1-1 NCRosetta
FF304OFrench 1-2 NCRosetta
FG303OGerman 1-1 NCRosetta
FG304OGerman 1-2 NCRosetta
FS303OSpanish 1-1 NCRosetta
FS304OSpanish 1-2 NCRosetta

Music Electives

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotes
MU025OBand 1 – Music PerformanceiAPrerequistes – Own Instrument
MU026OBand 2 – Music PerformanceiAPrerequistes – Own Instrument
MU027OBand 3 – Music PerformanceiAPrerequistes – Own Instrument

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