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High School Course Catalog

Courses are semester long and earn 0.5 or 1.0 credit

S1 denotes Semester 1 / S2 denotes Semester 2

CR identifies a credit recovery course

Transcript with previous course attempt without earned credit required

Course syllabi for the 2020-2021 school year is being updated. Click the subject area to view individual courses.

Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
LA336OEnglish Language Arts 9-1S1, S20.50Yes
LA336OREnglish Language Arts 9-1 CRS1, S20.50No
LA337OEnglish Language Arts 9-2S1, S20.50Yes
LA337OREnglish Language Arts 9-2 CRS1, S20.50No
LA338OEnglish Language Arts 9 1.0S1, S21.00Yes
LA436OEnglish Language Arts 10-1S1, S20.50Yes
LA436OREnglish Language Arts 10-1 CRS1, S20.50No
LA437OEnglish Language Arts 10-2S1, S20.50Yes
LA437OREnglish Language Arts 10-2 CRS1, S20.50No
LA536OEnglish Language Arts 11-1S1, S20.50Yes
LA536OREnglish Language Arts 11-1 CRS1, S20.50No
LA537OEnglish Language Arts 11-2S1, S20.50Yes
LA537OREnglish Language Arts 11-2 CRS1, S20.50No
LA636OEnglish Language Arts 12-1S1, S20.50Yes
LA636OREnglish Language Arts 12-1 CRS1, S20.50No
LA637OEnglish Language Arts 12-2S1, S20.50Yes
LA637OREnglish Language Arts 12-2 CRS1, S20.50No
LA638OEnglish Language Arts 12 1.0S1, S21.00No
LA959OGothic LiteratureS20.50Yes
LA464OCreative WritingS20.50Yes
LA353OSpeech / Debate 1-1S1, S20.50No
LA378OFilm as Lit 1-1S1, S20.50No
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
MA732OAlgebra 1-1S10.50Yes
MA732OAlgebra 1-1S20.50Yes
MA732ORAlgebra 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
MA733OAlgebra 1-2S20.50Yes
MA733OAlgebra 1-2S10.50Yes
MA733ORAlgebra 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
MA832OGeometry 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
MA832ORGeometry 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
MA833OGeometry 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
MA833ORGeometry 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
MA872OAlgebra 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
MA872ORAlgebra 2-1 CRS1, S20.50No
MA873OAlgebra 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
MA873ORAlgebra 2-2 CRS1, S20.50No
MA908OPreCalc 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
MA909OPreCalc 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
MA913OStatistics 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
MA914OStatistics 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
MA915OCalculus 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
MA916OCalculus 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
SC213ONGSS Biology 1.0S1, S21.00Yes
SC222ONGSS Biology 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SC222ORNGSS Biology 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SC223ONGSS Biology 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SC223ORNGSS Biology 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
SC243OEarth ScienceS1, S20.50Yes
SC245O MARNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SC245O MCDNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SC245ORNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SC246O MARNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SC246O MCDNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SC246ORNGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
SC253OChemistry 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SC254OChemistry 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SC303ONGSS Physics in the Universe 1-1S1, S20.50No
SC303ORNGSS Physics in the Universe 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SC304ONGSS Physics in the Universe 1-2S20.50No
SC304ORNGSS Physics in the Universe 1-2 CRS20.50No
SC526OVeterinary ScienceS1, S20.50No
SC581OTForensic Science 1S1, S20.50Yes
SC582OTForensic Science 2S1, S20.50Yes
SC716OHuman Anatomy / Physiology 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SC717OHuman Anatomy / Physiology 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SC722OEnvironmental Science 0.50No
SC745OMarine ScienceS20.50Yes
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
SS282OHistory Pacific Region S1, S20.50Yes
SS282OHistory Pacific Region NCYR0.00No
SS331OWorld History 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SS331ORWorld History 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SS332OWorld History 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SS332ORWorld History 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
SS333OWorld History 1.0S1, S21.00Yes
SS459OUS History 1.0S1, S21.00No
SS460OUS History 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SS460ORUS History 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SS461OUS History 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
SS461ORUS History 1-2 CRS1, S20.50No
SS473OHuman Geography 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SS483OCivicsS1, S20.50Yes
SS483ORCivics CRS1, S20.50No
SS506OCurrent World Problems 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
SS506ORCurrent World Problems 1-1 CRS1, S20.50No
SS528OPsychology 1.0S1, S21.00Yes
SS533OSociology 1.0S1, S21.00Yes
SS767OCriminal Justice – CriminologyS1, S20.50Yes
SS996OAfrican American History S1, S21.00Yes
SS999OReligious FoundationsS1, S21.00No
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
FF301OFrench 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
FF302OFrench 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
FF401OFrench 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
FF402OFrench 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
FF501OFrench 3-1S1, S20.50Yes
FF502OFrench 3-2S1, S20.50Yes
FF601OFrench 4-1S1, S20.50Yes
FF602OFrench 4-2S1, S20.50Yes
FG301OGerman 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
FG302OGerman 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
FG401OGerman 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
FG402OGerman 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
FG501OGerman 3-1S1, S20.50Yes
FG502OGerman 3-2S1, S20.50Yes
FJ301OJapanese 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
FJ302OJapanese 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
FJ401OJapanese 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
FJ402OJapanese 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
FJ501OJapanese 3-1S1, S20.50Yes
FJ502OJapanese 3-2S1, S20.50Yes
FK301OKorean 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
FK302OKorean 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
FK401OKorean 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
FK402OKorean 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
FK501OKorean 3-1S1, S20.50Yes
FK502OKorean 3-2S1, S20.50Yes
FL701OASL World Language 1-1S1, S20.50No
FL702OASL World Language 1-2S1, S20.50No
FL703OASL World Language 2-1S1, S20.50No
FL704OASL World Language 2-2S20.50No
FS301OSpanish 1-1S1, S20.50Yes
FS302OSpanish 1-2S1, S20.50Yes
FS401OSpanish 2-1S1, S20.50Yes
FS402OSpanish 2-2S1, S20.50Yes
FS501OSpanish 3-1S1, S20.50Yes
FS502OSpanish 3-2S1, S20.50Yes
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
FA996OArt AppreciationS1, S20.50No
IN830OTGraphic Design 1.0S1, S21.00No
IN831OTGraphic Design 1-1S1, S20.50No
IN832OTGraphic Design 1-2S1, S20.50No
IN888OTPhotography 1-1S1, S20.50No
IN889OTPhotography 1-2S1, S20.50No
IN183OTPhotography 1.0S1, S21.00No
MU910OMusic AppreciationS1, S20.50No
MU997OMusic – Performance Based 1-1S1, S20.50No
MU998OMusic – Performance Based 1-2S1, S20.50No
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
HL809OHealth ChoicesS1, S20.50No
HL809ORHealth Choices CRS1, S20.50No
PE303OH Phys Ed 1.0S1, S21.00No
PE344OWalking FitnessS1, S20.50No
PE370OFitness Fundamentals 1-1S1, S20.50No
PE371OFitness Fundamentals 1-2S1, S20.50No
PE372OStrength TrainingS1, S20.50No
PE373OHealth/FitnessS1, S21.00No
Course IDCourse TitleSemester OfferedCredit EarnedNCAA Approved?
BU720OTPersonal Finance 1.0S1, S21.00No
BU722OTPersonal Finance 1-1S1, S20.50No
BU723OTPersonal Finance 1-2S1, S20.50No
BU748OHS KeyboardingS1, S20.50No
BU765OTCareer ChoicesS1, S20.50No
BU783OEntrepreneurshipS1, S20.50No
BU809OSports/Recreation MarketingS1, S20.50No
HF763OTParentingS1, S20.50No
HF764OTChild DevelopmentS1, S20.50No
HF771OTHigh School to LifeS1, S20.50No
HF792OTCulinary Arts FundamentalsS1, S20.50No
HF796OTNutrition and WellnessS1, S20.50No
HF867OTInterior DesignS1, S20.50No
HL809OHealth ChoicesS1, S20.50No
HL809OHealth Choices CRS1, S20.50No
IN183OTPhotography 1.0S1, S21.00No
IN830OTGraphic Design 1.0S1, S21.00No
IN831OTGraphic Design 1-1S1, S20.50No
IN832OTGraphic Design 1-2S1, S20.50No
IN888OTPhotography 1-1S1, S20.50No
IN889OTPhotography 1-2S1, S20.50No
WK707OTWork ExperienceS1, S20.50No

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English Language Arts

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
LA336OEnglish Language Arts 9-1APEX 0.5Yes
LA336OREnglish Language Arts 9-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
LA337OEnglish Language Arts 9-2APEX 0.5Yes
LA337OREnglish Language Arts 9-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
LA338OEnglish Language Arts 9 1.0APEX 1Yes
LA436OEnglish Language Arts 10-1iA 0.5Yes
LA436OREnglish Language Arts 10-1 CRiA 0.5No
LA437OEnglish Language Arts 10-2iA 0.5Yes
LA437OREnglish Language Arts 10-2 CRiA 0.5No
LA536OEnglish Language Arts 11-1APEX 0.5Yes
LA536OREnglish Language Arts 11-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
LA537OEnglish Language Arts 11-2APEX 0.5Yes
LA537OREnglish Language Arts 11-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
LA636OEnglish Language Arts 12-1iA 0.5Yes
LA636OREnglish Language Arts 12-1 CRiA 0.5No
LA637OEnglish Language Arts 12-2eDynamics 0.5No
LA6380English Language Arts 12 Apex 0.5Yes
LA638OEnglish Language Arts 12 1.0iA 1No
LA827OMythologyeDynamics1st semester0.5Yes
LA959OGothic LiteratureeDynamics2nd semester0.5Yes
LA378OFilm as Literature 1-1eDynamics 0.5No
LA464OCreative WritingeDynamics2nd semester0.5Yes


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
MA732OAlgebra 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
MA732ORAlgebra 1-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA733OAlgebra 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
MA733ORAlgebra 1-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA832OGeometry 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
MA832ORGeometry 1-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA833OGeometry 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
MA833ORGeometry 1-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA872OAlgebra 2-1APEX 0.5Yes
MA872ORAlgebra 2-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA873OAlgebra 2-2APEX 0.5Yes
MA873ORAlgebra 2-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
MA908OPreCalc 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
MA909OPreCalc 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
MA915OCalculus 1-1APEX 0.5No
MA916OCalculus 1-2APEX 0.5No
MA913OStatistics 1-1APEXNew0.5Yes
MA914OStatistics 1-2APEXNew0.5Yes


Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
SC213ONGSS Biology 1.0APEX 1Yes
SC222ONGSS Biology 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
SC222ORNGSS Biology 1-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
SC223ONGSS Biology 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
SC223ORNGSS Biology 1-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
SC243OEarth ScienceAPEX 0.5Yes
SC245ONGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-1APEX/iA 0.5Yes
SC246ONGSS Chemistry in Earth Science 1-2APEX/iA 0.5Yes
SC253OChemistry 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
SC254OChemistry 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
SC526OVeterinary ScienceeDynamics1st
semester only
SC581OForensic Science 1eDynamics 0.5Yes
SC582OForensic Science 2eDynamics 0.5Yes
SC716OHuman Anatomy /
Physiology 1-1
SC717OHuman Anatomy /
Physiology 1-2
semester only
SC745OMarine ScienceiA1st
semester only

Social Studies

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
SS282OHistory Pacific
.5 credit
SS282OHistory Pacific
Region NC
“check”, NC
SS331OWorld History 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
SS331ORWorld History 1-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
SS332OWorld History 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
SS332ORWorld History 1-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
SS333OWorld History 1.0APEX 1Yes
SS459OUS History 1.0APEXNew1No
SS460OUS History 1-1APEX 0.5Yes
SS460ORUS History 1-1 CRAPEX 0.5No
SS461OUS History 1-2APEX 0.5Yes
SS461ORUS History 1-2 CRAPEX 0.5No
SS473OHuman Geography 1-1eDynamicsNew0.5No
SS480OCurrent World Problems w/Civics 1.0eDynamicsNew1Yes
SS481OCurrent World Problems w/Civics 1-1eDynamicsNew0.5Yes
SS481ORCurrent World Problems w/Civics 1-1 CReDynamicsNew0.5No
SS482OCurrent World Problems w/Civics 1-2eDynamicsNew0.5No
SS482ORCurrent World Problems w/Civics 1-2 CReDynamicsNew0.5No
SS483OCivicsAPEX 0.5Yes
SS483ORCivics CRAPEX 0.5No
SS528OPsychology 1.0eDynamics 1Yes
SS533OSociology 1.0eDynamics 1Yes
SS767OCriminal Justice – CriminologyeDynamics 0.5Yes
SS996OAfrican American
eDynamics 1Yes
SS999OReligious FoundationseDynamics 1No

Foreign Language

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
FC301OChinese 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FC302OChinese 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FC401OChinese 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FC402OChinese 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FC501OChinese 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FC502OChinese 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF301OFrench 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF302OFrench 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF401OFrench 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF402OFrench 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF501OFrench 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF502OFrench 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FF601OFrench 4-1Rosetta 0.5No
FF602OFrench 4-2Rosetta 0.5No
FG301OGerman 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FG302OGerman 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FG401OGerman 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FG402OGerman 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FG501OGerman 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FG502OGerman 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ301OJapanese 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ302OJapanese 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ401OJapanese 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ402OJapanese 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ501OJapanese 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FJ502OJapanese 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK301OKorean 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK302OKorean 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK401OKorean 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK402OKorean 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK501OKorean 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FK502OKorean 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FL701OASL World Language
FL702OASL World Language
FS301OSpanish 1-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FS302OSpanish 1-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FS401OSpanish 2-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FS402OSpanish 2-2Rosetta 0.5Yes
FS501OSpanish 3-1Rosetta 0.5Yes
FS502OSpanish 3-2Rosetta 0.5Yes

PE & Health

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
HL809OHealth ChoicesCarone 0.5No
HL809ORHealth Choices CRCarone 0.5No
PE303OH Phys Ed 1.0Carone 1No
PE344OWalking FitnessCarone 0.5No
PE370OFitness Fundamentals 1-1Carone 0.5No
PE371OFitness Fundamentals 1-2Carone 0.5No
PE372OStrength TrainingCarone 0.5No
PE373OHealth/FitnessCarone 1No

Fine Arts

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
FA996OArt AppreciationeDynamics 0.5No
MU910OMusic AppreciationeDynamics 0.5No
MU997OMusic – Performance Based 1-1iAPrerequistes – Own Instrument0.5No
MU998OMusic – Performance Based 1-2iAPrerequistes – Own Instrument0.5No
IN183OPhotography 1.0eDynamics 1No
IN888OPhotography 1-1eDynamics 0.5No
IN889OPhotography 1-2eDynamics 0.5No
IN830OGraphic Design 1.0eDynamics 1No
IN831OGraphic Design 1-1iA 0.5No
IN832OGraphic Design 1-2iA 0.5No

Career & Technical Education

Course CodeCourse NameCurriculum SourceNotesCreditNCAA Aproved
HF763OParentingeDynamics 0.5No
HF764OChild DevelopmentiA 0.5No
HF771OHigh School to LifeeDynamicsSeniors
HF792OCulinary Arts
eDynamics 0.5No
HF796ONutrition and
eDynamics 0.5No
HF867OInterior DesigneDynamics 0.5No
IN183OPhotography 1.0eDynamics 1No
IN830OGraphic Design 1.0eDynamics 1No
IN831OGraphic Design 1-1iA 0.5No
IN832OGraphic Design 1-2iA 0.5No
IN888OPhotography 1-1eDynamics 0.5No
IN889OPhotography 1-2eDynamics 0.5No
BU720OPersonal Finance 1.0iA 1No
BU722OPersonal Finance 1-1iA 0.5No
BU723OPersonal Finance 1-2iA 0.5No
BU748OHS KeyboardingiA 0.5No
BU765OCareer ChoicesiA 0.5No
BU783OEntrepreneurshipeDynamics 0.5No
eDynamics 0.5No
WK707OWork ExperienceiA approval req’d0.5No

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