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About us

Accredited. Flexible. Online. IA offers public education from kindergarten through high school diploma. Free to all Washington State residents*

"You can count on me to care about students"
Kristin Marais
iA Teacher

A Great Choice For:


  • Seeking a consistent educational experience in uncertain times.
  • Wanting to provide a meaningful academic experience outside of brick and mortar school environment.
  • Looking for flexibility to create their own learning schedule
  • Learn more about iA’s asynchronous lessons
  • Seeking individualized learning & tailored support from their teachers. 
  • Self-starters who enjoy creating their own schedules & managing their own time. 
  • Working through social and emotional issues and seek an organized educational experience in the comfort of their own home. 
  • Need flexibility in their school days as they pursue personal interests, travel, or athletic potential. 
  • Are working slightly below their grade level, at their grade level or beyond grade level.

What are some important components for online learning success?

Nothing beats motivation and a desire to learn. But here are some considerations:

Solid team support in the home. Self-motivation and self-determination are key skills for learning at home, but depending on the student’s age and needs, additional support will vary. Consider what structures and habits will meet your child’s needs. Plan for an hour a day per class, using the course Written Student Learning Plan as a guide to stay on pace.

Proactive communication skills. Don’t understand an assignment or encountered a tech problem? Ask for help right away to avoid losing learning time. Contact your teacher or an iA staff member for support. We’re here to help!

The right tools for the job. A computer. Web-connection. It doesn’t have to be the latest and greatest technology, but a tablet or phone is not enough for online learning. All students need access to a personal computer meeting system requirements and have reliable internet access. iA is unable to provide student computers.

   Backed by 20+ years of online education experience and Federal Way Public Schools

what do students say about iA?

A graduate shares her experiences being an iA scholar.