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  Internet Academy is a choice program offering general education courses. iA does not have a special education program or case managers. The following registration process ensures all scholars would have the most appropriate placement based on services and needs required in the IEP / 504 Plan:
  • The parent(s)/guardian(s) will provide Internet Academy with the most current IEP and/or Section 504 Plan for review.
  • The IEP/504 Plan is reviewed by the FWPS Student Support Services team. This review will happen within 2 weeks of receiving a complete application and a digital copy of the 504/IEP.
  • The team meets and reviews the courses requested, disability area, PLP, special education and related services.
  • All Internet Academy courses are General Education courses and cannot be fundamentally altered to meet the IEP/504 Plan requirements.
  • If the team determines that placement in Internet Academy is appropriate for general education courses and does not alter the fundamental nature of the program, the student is accepted and a welcome email will be mailed to the scholar and parent/guardian.
  • If the scholar is a shared enrollment with another school, the case manager from that school will retain all responsibility pertaining to the IEP requirements and ensure all accommodations will be met through the resident (shared) school.
  • Internet Academy requires a written agreement with the resident school and current case manager stating that all required services and accommodations are being met through the resident school.
  • Communication between the case manager and Internet Academy teachers remains open while the student attends IA.
  • Students are expected to meet Internet Academy attendance policy and grade level expectations.
  • The shared scholar enrollment process can be found in detail in the FWPS Special Education Procedural Manual.
If Internet Academy enrollment is found not to be the appropriate placement for scholars, a letter will be sent to the family from FWPS Student Support Services with other enrollment options and district contact information.