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iA offers online public school from kindergarten to diploma.

High School Graduation Diploma

Internet Academy offers a high school diploma to full-time iA students who meet all the requirements of Washington State and Federal Way Public Schools. All iA graduates complete a High School & Beyond plan for a focused transition to the post high school world.

iA graduates have the option to participate in a live Commencement ceremony in Federal Way, WA.

Required Course/Credits for Class of 2019 & beyond > >


Enrollment for the regular school year starts in August and courses close as they are filled. Enrollment for our 6-week summer program takes place beginning mid-May.  Visit our enrollment page for current details.

Academic Calendar

iA follows the Federal Way Public Schools calendar.

Grades K-8: Courses are year-long.

Grades 9-12 / High school: Courses are semester-based.

Our Course Catalog offers courses from kindergarten through high school. With new courses coming online each term, we continue to expand our offerings to meet student needs with many courses available, such as Credit Retrieval.

High School Credit Retrieval

Offered during the regular school year and summer session

Credit Retrieval courses are for students who have already taken a particular course and not earned credit. A diagnostic assessment given at the beginning of the course, will help indicate what standards the student has previously met, and what skills still need to be practiced and demonstrated. Based on the results of the diagnostic assessment, a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for meeting standards will be developed by the teacher and then communicated to the student. Upon successful completion of the course, the student earns a passing grade (C) and .5 credit in the given course.

Overview:  Credit Retrieval courses have been designed to be completed within a 6-9 week session period. Students should plan on spending 90-120 minutes per school day (or approximately 45 total hours) to complete the course within six (6) weeks.

However, we realize that due to student skills, time-consuming regular school work, and other activities, some students may not be able to finish the course within the 6-week designed session. During the regular school year we encourage all students to formulate a plan to complete the course within six (6) weeks. However, we do allow students up to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks to complete the course. All summer credit retrieval sessions are limited to 6 weeks.

Availability:  Enrollment for Credit Retrieval courses begins one week after regular school starts. For specific dates, please refer to our frequently updated Calendars. Students must have all required forms turned into the IA offices including verification of previously taking the course they want to retrieve. Full payment must also be made prior to the student starting the course.

Cost: Credit retrieval courses are offered for tuition of $205.00 per course. All tuition is non-refundable.

Homeschooling Resources

A number of families chose to home school. iA is happy to partner with home schooling families in a flexible way. The following information may be helpful to families choosing to home school.

We provide this because we believe that Washington’s children— those learning at home, in public school buildings or learning online—deserve a first-rate education. We take pride in our years of augmenting homeschooling for our families

There are multiple laws that impact how families home school their children. The following laws reference specifically or in part information about providing Home-Based Instruction:

RCW 28A.225.010, 28A.225.015, 28A.200.010, and 28A.200.020

In August 2005 the rules governing Alternative Learning, WAC 392.121.182, were modified to include Digital Learning Programs such as the Internet Academy. There are multiple entries within this revised law referring to home school students, emphasis added:

(1)(a) Individual courses of study for students who meet the definition for enrollment specified by WAC 392-121-106. Students may enroll part-time in alternative learning experiences. Such enrollment shall be subject to the provisions of RCW 28A.150.350 and chapter 392-134 WAC;

(3)(e) A school district that provides one or more alternative learning experiences to a student shall provide the parent(s) or guardian of the student, prior to the student’s enrollment, with a description of the difference between home-based instruction pursuant to chapter 28A.200 RCW and the enrollment option selected by the student. The parent or guardian shall sign documentation attesting to his or her understanding of the difference and the documentation shall be retained by the district and made available for audit.

(6)(b) The educational progress of students enrolled in alternative learning experiences shall be assessed at least annually, using, for full-time students, the state assessment for the student’s grade level and using any other annual assessments required by the school district. Part-time students shall also be assessed at least annually. However, part-time students who are either receiving home-based instruction under chapter 28A.200 RCW or who are enrolled in an approved private school under chapter 28A.195 RCW are not required to participate in the assessments required under chapter 28A.655 RCW.

Homeschool Resources

Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) – The Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) is a statewide, non-profit membership organization. Its mission is to serve the diverse interests of home-based education in Washington State.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association – brief summary of the homeschooling law in Washington.

Out-of-State Information

Any student residing out side of Washington state may take Internet Academy classes as long as he or she is between the ages of 6 and 21 years. However, since the student is not currently a resident of Washington State the student must pay a fee for each class. The tuition fee currently charged is $345 per semester class. A student is given 90 school days to complete high school class credits and all classes are designed to be completed by a student working about 5-7 hours per week.

Although no attendance is taken for our tuition students, our teachers will communicate to parent/guardian regarding the student’s progress within each class. In addition we offer an electronic progress reports via our web site at the 9-week point of the semester. Both the student and the parent are given login information to be able to view these reports.

iA is fully accredited.