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Our Policies & Expectations

Student Learning Expectations:

  • Students need a computer meeting system requirements as posted and daily Internet access. Students should set up an environment and daily schedule conducive to learning.
  • Students are expected to communicate with teachers and complete assignments as part of their learning day, each school day.
  • Successful secondary students schedule 60-90 minutes per day, per course to study and complete assignments. Elementary classes require a 5-8 hour weekly commitment. Students are expected to work consistently toward completion of their courses. Credit is earned by completing the course.
  • Computers do crash or experience technical problems. Student work still needs to be completed on a consistent weekly basis. The student is responsible to locate another computer with Internet access until their own is repaired or replaced. Suggestions: local library, friend’s home, or parent’s work. Students should save all assignments to the cloud or an external drive (Office 365 included).
  • Self-motivated education means the major responsibility belongs to the student to stay on target with course assignments. Teachers offer guidance, instruction, and feedback. 

Parent Learning Expectations:

  • Learning online is a Student – Parent – Teacher partnership. Parent involvement increases student success. When parents stay involved in making schedules, familiarizing themselves with course material, assignments and grades, and communicate with teachers, students have a high degree of success.
  • Parents receive a login to iA Campus on Canvas, our Learning Management System (LMS) to view their students courses, content, and grades.

Credit and Grading:

  • Credit for courses is earned when all course work is completed to meet State and Federal Way Public School District policy.
  • Grades on assignments must be at passing level. Revisions may be required to meet learning expectations. FWPS students must demonstrate standards mastery with a grade of C or better to earn credit.
  • All secondary courses earn .5 credit and should be completed within one semester (18 weeks).
  • Course grades are posted online and are current within a two week period. Teachers will provide parents additional progress information when requested.
  • Intentional deception (copying, plagiarism, cheating, etc.) in the preparation or completion of any school assignment, examination or project, or aiding such behavior by others, is prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Upon completion of courses, final grades issued will be A, B, C, or F. If a student withdraws after the nine week Drop period, an F will be recorded as a final grade.

Special Education (IEP & 504 Support)

Federal Way Public Schools policies and procedures provide all students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in the Internet Academy. They provide that a student with a disability will not be excluded from the program, except where careful consideration has been given to the services, modifications, or adjustments necessary for such a student to participate, and where it has been determined that such services or modification would fundamentally alter the nature of the program.


  • Students residing in Washington state are required to attend school (RCW28A.225). Internet Academy students are required to “attend” class, just like students in a building school setting. Attendance is defined as WEEKLY assignment completion and contact with teachers.
  • Students absent for a period of 20 consecutive school days, defined as no assignments submitted, will be withdrawn from course(s), or from the program, with grade(s) earned at that time.
  • When a withdraw occurs at Internet Academy, students must enroll in their resident building school, or other educational program (does not apply if Intent to Provide Home-based Instruction has been filed).

Satisfactory Progress:

  • According to WAC 392-121-182 our teachers are required to monitor Satisfactory Progress on a monthly basis.
  • Weekly Academy Contact (WAC): State regulations require students in online programs to have weekly academic contact with each teacher. This occurs as students become actively engaged with the curriculum and online instruction, submitting assignments to make progress in learning and successfully complete courses. Students have multiple opportunities and methods to achieve weekly academic contact and receive teacher assistance and feedback: email, instant chat, live online sessions, assignments, phone, and face – to – face meetings by appointment.
  • Monthly Academy Progress (MAP) : Students earn an academic progress mark each month based on their progress compared to their individual Learning Plan Contract, and course completion date. Students earn Academically Exceeding (AE), Academically Meeting (AM), or Academic Probation (AP). AP marks involve communication with the parent/guardian, and an intervention to give the student additional opportunities to get back on pace toward successful course completion. Teachers will send an email regarding MAP and ask for a response. Students are required to respond within 2 school days to each teacher . Consecutive months of AP may result in withdrawal from iA.
  • If a withdraw occurs at Internet Academy, students must enroll in their resident building school, or other educational program (does not apply if Intent to Provide Home-based Instruction has been filed).

Assignment Completion:

  • Completed assignments are required for EACH CLASS, EACH WEEK. Some courses require class chats, projects, portfolios, presentations, or in-person assessments.
  • Students are required to use their assigned Genius and Canvas LMS accounts to submit all required work and to communicate with their assigned iA teacher.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to SAVE assignments as a back up and to be sure assignments are submitted through the appropriate tools within our Canvas system.
  • For specific assistance, students should contact their teacher via e-mail.
  • Teachers’ first responsibility is to work with active, working students. Time permitting, contact will be made with parents of non-working students.

Course Completion:

  • Secondary courses earn .5 credit per semester, and need to be completed by semester dates for students to stay on track for graduation. Elementary students also should work consistently toward semester course completion. Suggested schedules for assignment completion called the Checklist are posted within each course. All Apex courses use the Apex Calendar in place of our Checklist.
  • At the end of the semester, a final grade (A,B,C,F) will be issued in grades K-12. It is important for students to complete courses in the  traditional semester time frame or quicker in order to stay on pace for graduation. Not completing all the required work may result in failing a course.
  • If tuition is paid for a course, the student will have 18 weeks to complete the course, or until the end of school, whichever comes first.

Contacting Teachers:

Teacher information (phone, e-mail, course schedules) is available through the student’s Genius and iA Campus account and the parent’s Genius account. The most efficient way to contact an iA teacher is via email.


Transcripts and/or Internet Academy Course Reports will be mailed home at the end of the school year. Additional Transcript mailing, such as a copy to your resident building school, or other educational program, may be requested at any time by completing the Contact US form, or calling (253) 945-5825.

Getting Started:

  • Visit our enrollment page to enroll.
  • Applicants become enrolled in iA after receiving notification that their application has been approved.
  • It is the responsibility of the student and parent to contact Internet Academy immediately for assistance with any problems getting started . For technical help, please call (253) 945-5842 or contact us.  iA provides technical support for our programs. We can not provide technical support for personal devices.