How do I apply?

We’re happy you’ve chosen Internet Academy, Washington’s first online school! These instructions are for enrolling a student new to iA and Federal Way Public Schools.

Step 1: Before you Begin

  • Have a valid & unique email address for parent(s) and each student
  • Have regular, reliable access to a computer and internet connection that meets iA system requirements
  • Review the IEP and Section 504 admittance process (if applicable)
  • Request a Choice Transfer (also known as an “Out of District Transfer”) from your resident school district, if you reside outside the Federal Way School District service area.
  • Students entering grades 9-12 will need to email a transcript to

Step 2: Documents to Have Ready

  • Address verification documentation
  • Immunization records
  • Emergency and medical contact information
  • Age verification documentation
  • Previous education experience (transcript)
  • Special Education support documentation (IEP)

Step 3: Visit the Kiosk and Begin

  • Go to and select “student registration”
  • On the log-in page, under “more options,” choose “create a new account”  

What to Expect Ahead

  • You will be asked three questions to ensure parent records aren’t duplicated, then provided the privacy statement 
  • Once you’ve accepted the privacy statement, you will be asked to provide your first and last name and your email address 
  • You have now created your account, and you will receive an email prompting you to complete the account activation process 
  • Click on the link within the email and follow the prompts to set your user name and password 
  • Once logged in, select “begin process” to get started 
  • Begin with “Family” — complete the required fields in each module on the left-hand side — all required fields will be indicated with a red asterisk 
  • Additional parents and guardians can be added by clicking “add new” 
  • Select “Add Student” to enter student information — all scholars need to be added prior to submitting the form  
  • Select “YES” you are authorized to register for a non-neighborhood school or program. Choose “Internet Academy” and use authorization code “IAenroll2019” (click link to view image)
  • The SOU (Statement of Understanding) form is required by WA State prior to enrolling. Registrations received without a signed SOU will be returned to the parent for upload.
  • Review your information and if needed choose the option to make edits or submit —once submitted you will not be able to make any changes
  • Enter your course requests by clicking “Make A Course Request” in the blue menu bar

Step 4: View the “Next Steps” > >