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Student Tech Support Library

Whether you're a new student needing help logging in for the first time or you're just browsing to learning more about iA & our scholar platform, we've got a video (or two) for you

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Are you trying to log in to your Apex textbook but keep getting a “session expired” message? Don’t panic, it’s usually a quick fix!

Like other online learning platforms, Apex will only allow a user to be signed in once. And if you’re anything like me, you have a half-gazillion tabs open at any moment. But if you try opening Apex when it’s already running in another window or tab, you’ll get a “session expired” message.

What to do? Close your browser completely – all windows (yes, really!) – and sign in fresh. If that doesn’t work, power down your pc, count to 10 after all lights have extinguished (yes, really!) and restart.

(Hint: in a hurry? Try opening a private window in your browser to bypass the system that recognizes you.)

If you’re still stuck, it might be the browser you are using. Use Chrome or Firefox. Safari is a great browser for most things but we’ve observed students using Safari experience more login “glitches” than any other web browser. Another possibility? It might be a stale cookie (yes, really!). The Apex single-sign on uses temporary files called cookies to recognize you. Delete your browser cookies and clear the cache.

Some handy tips for using Apex:

  • Use the Apex dashboard to switch between Apex classes. It holds all your Apex courses, so once you’re in, there is no need to click the link in another iA Campus class module
  • If you get a “session expired” message, navigate to the Apex window already open and use it. If you can’t find it, follow the steps above to close your browser
  • Always log out of Apex at the end of an online learning session – especially if using multiple devices.  You may be unable to log in to Apex on one device if you’re logged in on another
  • Use Firefox or Chrome